Multiport EU contributes to social welfare by providing feeding and education scholarships to 100 low-income children in Colombia who make part of “Mano Amiga Foundation”, a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote integral education and to improve poor children life standards.

Education is the progress of the society, reason why we are committed to children’s education and this way, we create a better future for our country

Mano amiga foundation

 We are a Helping Hand that has reached out to give the children and youth of Colombia the opportunity of a lifetime… To study!

We represent an educational project for the country, with the firm purpose of transforming the least favored communities through education in values. It is not just about providing basic education, but guiding their lives in new ways in which they learn to solve their problems with criteria based on good decisions.

We want to grow in them the capacity for continuous improvement not only personally but also socially; we prepare whole families, positive leaders who promote and defend justice and love actions, based in Christian principles.

( +574) 268 8444
US Phone:
(+1) 305 330 54 83
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Calle 4 Sur N° 43a – 195 Centro Ejecutivo
El Poblado, Oficina 128.
Medellín – Colombia

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